Please understand we FULLY support paylake's that ONLY stock farm raised catfish.
Exposing Paylakes
The "Stocking" Truth Revealed

About Us

Exposing Paylakes is a group of concerned sportsman who have organized and taken to social media. Our objective is to "EXPOSE" the largely unknown, excessive stocking of RIVER catfish into paylakes. These catfish are being taken from YOUR public rivers, for the paylake's PRIVATE profits. Typically, these paylakes offer poor habitat and overstock these large fish. This leads to high mortality rates for the lakes fish. Therefore, they must continually restock from OUR public water's, to keep up with industry demand. Currently, there are NO regulations limiting paylake STOCKING of RIVER catfish.

PLEASE understand, we FULLY support paylakes that stock farm-raised catfish. And we absolutely support the idea of folks having easy availability of catching such fish. Therefore, we're not against all paylakes. We're simply against ones that stock, overstock and continually restock - decade(s) old RIVER catfish. Again, these fish are taken from OUR public river systems, by the commercial fishing methods we've outlined here.

Catfishing is the fastest growing form of recreational fishing in the United States - and rightfully so. In their natural environment, these fish are capable of growing to weight's exceeding 100lbs. Demand to catch these awesome fish has led to the explosion of these "easy catch" trophy paylakes - particularity in the Midwest, with the Ohio River Valley Region being the main focus.

Such paylakes hire a commercial fisherman to gill net, hoop net and/or trotline these large, old river catfish from YOUR public rivers. This is not common practice regarding any other sought-after native fish. Why are trophy catfish the exception? Should our public rivers be depleted and overharvest of these 10 to 30 plus-year-old trophy catfish, for paylake profits?

Today there is an estimated 500 plus paylakes in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana - most of which stock TROPHY catfish from public waters. This area is considered the paylake capital of the world. The lack of commercial fishing regulations on the Ohio River, bordering these states, has provided what seemed like an endless supply of large catfish for the paylakes. Though nothing could be further from the truth. These large catfish are 10 to 30 plus years old and are NOT replaced quickly or easily.

If you're a catfish enthusiast of any level, whether natural water or paylake, newbie or pro. It's in your best interest to support regulation of this great natural resource. These fish have more pressure placed on them, than any other river fish. While paylakes are hurting large catfish populations, on a smaller level so too are anglers, jug-liners, trot-lines, limb-liners, noodlers and commercial fisherman - who fish for food. Think about it! What other fish is subjected to all these fishing methods? NONE!

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