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The "Stocking" Truth Revealed

By: ExposingPaylakes | December 02, 2018

Paylakes & Paddlefish

On Nov 27, 2018, commercial fisherman David M. Cox was sentenced after a United States District Court accepted his plea agreement. Cox was charged with several counts, one being a violation of the "Lacey Act" - a federal law protecting wildlife - a violation he's been charged with in the past.

Cox, of Midwest Caviar, is mainly known for harvesting and selling paddlefish caviar netted from the Ohio River. By-catch of large catfish caught in Cox's nets, have been known to be stockpiled in his pond, for future sales to paylakes.

In 2001, Cox, a previously convicted wildlife felon - sat on a special board aimed to help Kentucky Fish and Wildlife rewrite the fishing rules and regulations.

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By: ExposingPaylakes | November 22, 2015

Some things just can't be covered in a simple one paragraph Facebook post. With that said, welcome to our first blog post.
Today, we're gonna cover something we've yet to cover. The influence trophy catfish paylakes have had on local fish markets.

"That commercial fisherman's catfish haul would have died at the fish market anyway. Our paylake saved them from that." 

That's something you might hear a paylake supporter say. An while there is some truth in that. It should be noted. Paylakes are the main reason for both commercial fishing and fish markets excessive demand for trophy catfish.

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