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How Old Are Catfish?


Many factors affect the growth of catfish, such as climate, forage, and environment. A recent study taken from the Ohio River found the following catfish age averages:

Blue - 17.7 yrs to reach 35 inches
Flathead - 20.1 yrs to reach 35 inches
Channel - 20.0 yrs to reach 28 inches

35" catfish typically avg around 25 lbs.
This study found fish as old as 33 years!



Catfish don't stop growing as they age. The older the catfish - the bigger the catfish typically is.

The above info was documented in a 2017 report by the state of Kentucky. The study did not provide a weight of the examined fish. Exposing Paylakes used other data to make the statement - "35 inch catfish typically avg around 25 lbs."