Please understand we FULLY support paylake's that ONLY stock farm raised catfish.
Exposing Paylakes
The "Stocking" Truth Revealed

Make YOUR Voice Heard!

Contact your local State Representatives. It's their JOB to honor your best interest!

To find your State Reps name/contact info. Read these instructions & then click the
blue link provided below the instructions.


Select your state and then the "legislators" option. Then click search.


The search will then provide links below. Open the links for "House" & "Senate".


Look for the Counties and/or Districts close to you. Get the contact info for each & hound them!


Report Wildlife Violations

Save these numbers in your phone. Report any suspicious activity!


State Poacher Hotlines

Ohio - 1-800-762-2437 - (1-800-POACHER)
Indiana - 1-800-847-4367 - (1-800-TIP-IDNR)
Kentucky - 1-800-252-5378 - (1-800-25-ALERT)
Illinois - 1-877-236-7529 - (1-877-2DNRLAW)
W. Virginia -1-800-638-4263 - (1-800-NET-GAME)


Kentucky Law Enforcement officers:

Paducah - Chad Parker - 270-627-2170
Henderson - James Nason - 270-350-2650
Louisville - Rick Mehlbauer - 270-617-1212
Cincinnati - Charlie Philips - 859-797-1771
Ashland - Buddy Grayson - 606-356-1804