Please understand we FULLY support paylake's that ONLY stock farm raised catfish.
Exposing Paylakes
The "Stocking" Truth Revealed

Our Stance on Paylakes

Exposing Paylakes acknowledges paylakes can be a valuable resource. We fully support paylakes that fundamentally stock farm-raised catfish. It is not our objective to shut down paylakes, but yet to - merely establish some form of proper "river stocking" regulations.

It should also be noted that Exposing Paylakes supports and applauds all forms of constructive recreational activities. With that said - we absolutely don't frown upon folks who fish ANY type of paylake. Though it is our intention to better inform anglers regarding the origin of these paylake fish, the reasons for numerous annual stockings and consequentially the overharvest and decline of "trophy" size - river catfish.

It's our belief most true fisherman will explore better options - assuming they know more about how most "trophy" paylakes operate.

Only stock farm-raised catfish?

Let us know. We want to help support such lakes. Please email us -

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